Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Cat, The Witch, and The Broomstick!

This year for Halloween we thought it would be fun to all dress up with a theme. Last year we didn't really do anything so I guess we figured we should make up for it this year. So, I dressed up as a witch, Paisley was a black cat, and I made poor Stan my broomstick! :) hehe! We went to the ward trunk or treat and we went to stroll Paisley through the mall, but when we got there it was such a long traffic jam of strollers that we decided to just head home and eat treats!


Rocky Davies said...

I loved that idea! Stan is so classic! You all look adorable. Glad you're back to the blogging! :)
P.S. This is from Heather, but I'm too lazy to log Rocky out.

The Story of Life said...

I just love the comstumes! Stan just makes me laugh out loud!

Emily said...

Yay! We have not seen or talked to you guys in forever. I'm so glad you are blogging so we can keep tabs. I love your family Halloween costumes. You guys are good sports. Paisley is getting so big. She is a cutie. Love the headband!